BACK PAIN FREE means what it says on the cover. This book is all about changing your life to one that’s free of pain and suffering and making sure you stay that way! If you’ve read the book already then I hope you have already started your journey towards pain free status. If you haven’t then let me tell you what you will learn.


In 2001 I was involved in a very traumatic car accident – I should not have survived. My full story is the first third of the book. The moral of that story is that if I can go through hell and come out the other side, so can you!

Over a 10 year span I experimented on my own injuries and saw patterns with my patients and created my own system of diagnosis and methodology to treat back pain through treatments, exercises and stretches; the book also covers other subjects like relaxation techniques, sex, depression, how to avoid aggravation and what types of exercise can you do – that’s the Pearson Method. It is a combination of various subjects rolled up into a package.

If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll see the results and keep your pain away!


The rehab exercises I describe are unique and progressive and they are all target based which means you build up to a given target and when you reach it, you move onto the next level. That way you build up strength while your symptoms reduce, safely and steadily.


One of the most underrated subjects related to back pain is the amount of recovery one needs. Sleep is so important. Do you ever wonder why you feel so exhausted at the end of each day even if you haven’t been doing much? This is because when you’re in pain you will walk and sit in different positions to get out of pain. It means your body is using muscles in a way it’s not used to, so every day is like a workout. The book teaches you about this in detail and also gives you 20 tips on how to get a good night’s sleep to help your recovery.

As long as you follow all the guidelines, the book can tell you everything you need to know to get yourself in a position to enjoy life – back pain free!


Available now in paperback and Kindle from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com